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Estate Litigation & Trials

Estate Litigation & Trials

Litigation can be a difficult experience for clients. Controversies related to wills, trusts and probate are especially difficult because they often involve disputes among family members.

PSS LAW believes that efforts should be made to resolve estate-related controversies before involving the Court. However, if the “other side” is unwilling to “set things straight,” then a lawsuit is appropriate and necessary, and it should be AGGRESSIVELY pursued without delay.

Atty. Sylvester knows how anxiety ridden the litigation process can be, and will be sensitive to your emotional and financial concerns. He will seek to keep costs of litigation to a minimum, and will seek to resolve your case as efficiently as possible.

Estate Litigation includes the following:

  • The executor or trustee has embezzled money.
  • There is a fight over who should serve as the executor.
  • The executor or trustee is favoring one beneficiary over another.
  • The fiduciary is using his/her position of authority to benefit himself/herself.
  • You suspect there are problems with how the will or trust was signed and witnessed.
  • You are owed money that is part of an estate or trust account.
  • You suspect that the executor or trustee did not properly protect and invest assets.
  • The trust or will maker was not competent at the time of the signing of the document.
  • The trustee has failed to provide required accountings for the trust.
  • The executor or trustee has not completely accounted for all assets.
  • The trustee unjustifiably refuses to make a distribution to you.
  • Your spouse disinherited you.
  • You and your siblings disagree about what your parent(s) wanted.
  • The decedent’s will or trust is a product of undue influence.
  • The terms of a will or trust are not clear.
  • The will or trust violate the terms of an earlier pre-nuptial agreement.
  • The agent under a power of attorney mishandled assets.